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Google Maps

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Google Maps


 In order to start a Google Maps project with your class, follow these steps.


1. Create a G-mail account for your class

Setting Up a GMail Account for your Google Project.doc 


2. Create a Google Maps Project Map

google maps- setting up project map.doc 


3. Have your students fill out the planning sheet prior to going to the computer lab.

Google Maps planning sheet.doc 


4. Sign up for two 45 minute sessions in the computer lab.


5. Teach the students how to sign in to the google account, find your project map, and tag different locations on their Google Map.

  google maps-student directions.doc 


6. If students would like to add pictures to their Google Maps, follow these directions.

Adding pictures to google maps.doc 


7. Make sure you change your password after you are finished with the project.  You do not want students using this g-mail or google account.

How to Change your Google Accounts Password.doc 


Edina Teacher's Student Examples of Google Maps Projects



Tracy Purdy



Mark DeYoung




Bill Wiard 



Jenni Piper-Bichinho



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